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May 9, 2021
Torchlight 2 LAN multiplayer over OpenVPN Playing Torchlight 2/Titan Quest/Grim Dawn in LAN mode over self-hosted OpenVPN
Aug 28, 2020
Google CTF 2020 - AVR writeup Timing side channels and interrupt race conditions in AVR
Jul 19, 2020
symfonos 6.1 walkthrough Following a subtle chain of unfortunate circumstances
Jun 30, 2019
Google CTF 2019 Quals - flagrom writeup Breaking faulty I2C Verilog implementation via 8051 bit-banging
Sep 1, 2017
SHA2017 CTF - Samsung S4 writeup Decoding JTAG
Jul 9, 2017
PoliCTF 2017 - Ham writeup Discovering and decoding a hidden BPSK31 transmission
Jun 28, 2017
Trend Micro CTF 2017 Quals - Forensic 300 writeup Restoring ransomware-encrypted files from Cuckoo logs
Jun 26, 2017
Trend Micro CTF 2017 Quals - Misc 400 writeup DNS packets aren't what they seem
Jun 18, 2017
Google CTF 2017 Quals - RSA CTF Challenge writeup Delving into lackluster implementations of PKCS#1 v1.5
Apr 10, 2017
ASIS CTF 2017 Quals - Crows know! writeup This time, the task is very simple: after completing an obligatory proof of work (a basic SHA256 bruteforce) and waiting a couple seconds we are presented with a couple of pretty big integers, a and b.…